COSEINC offers advance computer security training courses to all our clients on a periodical and specially requested basis. Some of these courses are in collaborations with internationally well known computer security experts.

Course Code Course Title Course Duration Schedule Course Fee(🇸🇬 SGD$)
COSEINC-IKE iOS Kernel Exploitation Training Singapore EDITION 5 days 21 Jan 2019 6420.00
COSEINC-AREE ARM64 Reverse Engineering and Exploitation Training 5 days 12 Nov 2018 6420.00
COSEINC-RCE Reverse Code Engineering 5 days Contact Us Contact Us
COSEINC-FSV Finding Software Vulnerabilities 5 days N/A Contact Us
COSEINC-ARM Practical ARM Exploitation 4 days N/A Contact Us
COSEINC-EDC Exploit Development Class 5 days N/A Contact Us
COSEINC-WASTC Web Application Security – Threats and Countermeasures 3 days N/A Contact Us
COSEINC-WIRE Windows Internals for Reverse Engineers 5 days N/A Contact Us
COSEINC-ELAE The Exploit Laboratory Advanced Edition 5 days N/A Contact Us
COSEINC-IDA Practical IDA Pro 3 days N/A Contact Us
COSEINC-DBG Windows Debugging Essential 3 days N/A Contact Us
COSEINC-SCADA SCADA Security 101 5 days N/A Contact Us

*Prices Inclusive Of GST