So the new deadline for Call for Training for WhiskeyCon 2018 will be 7th October 2018 #WhiskeyCon #COSEINC

We have received several good training proposals for WhiskeyCon 2019. We have also been requested to extend the deadline for the Call for Training. #WhiskeyCon #COSEINC

We are going to have Pwn0rama in Shanghai (24-25, Nov). USD500,000 for iOS remote jailbreak and USD700,000 for Android Chrome RCE+SBX(persistent). Register now at

Registration for SyScan360 in Shanghai is open. There will be only 200 tickets for sale. Registration will close Nov 6. Go grab your ticket.

Safari exploit with sandbox escape into kernel context that works on 5c and 6s, is reliable(1), runs fast(2) and generic(3): Total: $345,000

Safari exploit without sandbox escape that works on iphone 6s only, is reliable(1) and runs fast(2): Total: $51,000 #pwn0rama

we have written a new version of the rules for PWN0rama. feel free to use it for your similar competition. #pwn0rama #coseinc

i received a letter from the lawyers of HPE threatening legal action if i do not take down PWN0rama @dragosr #pwn0rama #coseinc @COSEINC_SG

i am pleased to announce that @thegrugq will be one of the distinguished judges at PWN0rama #PWN0rama #COSEINC

PWN0rama will offer all successful contestants 2 nights of hotel stay (swissotel stamford). please sign up by 29 Feb 2016.

If you have a sandbox escape for Safari browser context to kernel (iOS) context, we will pay you US$100k.

if you have a mobile web browser exploit lying around, come to Pwn0rama and we will pay between US$30k - US$80k

COSEINC is organising mobile Pwn0rama 23-24 March 2016. Prizes worth US$500,000 to be won. More details available at …

COSEINC is hiring Browser Security Researchers. If you are interested, please email

Linux Security Researcher Job Descriptions: • Perform source code auditing to identify bugs within Linux kernel or open-source applications that may bypass existing security mitigations, thereafter leading to code execution. • Write detailed technical reports and develop PoC code to demonstrate security issues found. • Recommend remediation measures to mitigate the vulnerabilities. • Stay updated on the Linux security landscape Requirements: • Experiences in auditing source code for Linux Kernel and open-source applications (and services) for bugs that may lead to code execution • Good understanding of kernel and userspace exploitation, preferable with experiences in developing proof-of-concepts to demonstrate the severity of bugs found • Demonstrate requirements a. and b. through one or more of the following - Issued security advisories - Relevant work experience - Presented at renowned conferences - Wrote blog/articles on relevant topics