NetWars: Core Continuous

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NetWars Continuous Online Skill-Sharpening Range

SANS’ NetWars Continuous Online Range uses the gamification of IT Security to advance your most vital InfoSec skills. To build your skills and keep them from getting rusty, you need an environment where you can apply your knowledge to solving real-world infosec issues to stay sharp. That’s what NetWars Continuous is all about. Over the course of 4 months and 5 levels, you can master real-world tactics and techniques in a safe learning environment.

Topics Include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Packet Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • System Hardening
  • Malware Analysis
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response

So much more than a Capture the Flag, NetWars Continuous is the online training program that guides you through hands-on lessons to locate vulnerabilities, exploit diverse machines, analyze systems, and defend your turf.

Fully executed online, NetWars Continuous includes automated hints and support from the SANS NetWars team to ensure that you have the most rewarding experience possible. The challenge also delivers twice as many CPE credits (12) as a live NetWars Tournament (6), and the cost of participation is less than a standard SANS course.

Most importantly, you will walk away with confidence in your abilities and a scorecard that illustrates the areas in which you have demonstrated deep skills and security knowledge.

What exactly will you do as a NetWars participant?

Level 1

  • Analyze the configuration of a local machine to find security flaws.
  • Evaluate browser forensic artifacts, command shell history, document metadata, and malware to discover crucial evidence.
  • Analyze packets for evidence of attacks.
  • Determine how an attacker pivoted through the network to gain access to a target machine.

Level 2

  • Analyze and isolate persistent, evasive malware.
  • Analyze a system to determine and thwart attackers’ techniques.
  • Reconstruct network topologies and attack evidence from packet capture files.
  • Crack local passwords and wireless crypto keys.
  • Work with SQL databases to find security flaws and evidence.

Level 3

  • Conduct advanced vulnerability assessment of a target environment.
  • Perform network recon and discovery using a variety of tools.
  • Conduct network and web app pen testing using the most powerful and common attack techniques today.
  • Utilize Metasploit to gain access to and pivot through a target environment.
  • Develop the ability to understand and exploit a complex attack surface.

Level 4

  • Perform a complete penetration test of a DMZ and intranet systems.
  • Pivot from a DMZ into a well-patched intranet environment, using advanced penetration testing skills.
  • Employ spear-phishing tactics to gain access to an internal network environment.
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the security flaws of target enterprise.
  • Show that you’ve achieved the hands-on skills needed to be a top information security practitioner.

Level 5

  • Match wits with the best-of-the-best NetWars players.
  • Harden a castle system we provide you on the SANS network infrastructure.
  • Analyze attacks against your castle from other expert players as you try to thwart them.
  • Attack castles of other participants, planting your flag on their environments as you defend your own turf.
  • Be counted as among the best-of-the-best in the industry in defending, analyzing, and attacking systems and networks.

Automated Hint System:

NetWars Continuous includes an innovated Automated Hint System to help you develop your skills further and faster. All challenges in Levels One, Two, Three, and Four let you take a hint by simply clicking on a button. Each question has three hints that can be requested to help solve the challenge. Requesting a hint does not impact your score at all, but the number of hints you have taken will be displayed as a separate column on the scoreboard. However, in the event of a tied score, the person who has taken the lowest number of hints will have a higher ranking.

Also, when you conquer a challenge, the system will automatically display all the hints associated with it (without increasing your hint count), so you can still learn from the hints. The hints may give you a more efficient way of solving the challenge, or could help you determine that you’ve found an even better way of conquering the challenge!

Generally, the hints for a question are structured as follows:

  • The first hint for a question is typically a Wikipedia search term, or general direction of research.
  • The second hint will provide the player with the most commonly missed logical leap or skill needed to solve the challenge.
  • The third and final hint provides all the necessary steps to answer the question, but still requires the player to perform the necessary steps themselves.

The NetWars Continuous Automated Hint System turns dead ends into GREAT learning opportunities! Feel free to take hints and learn.

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