a.k.a WhiskeyCon

WhiskeyCon started in 2014 as part of SyScan Singapore. Instead of the usual Lightning Talks, anyone who wish to go on stage and speak will have to drink 2 shots of whiskey before they can speak for 5 minutes. When the 5 minutes is up, the speaker can choose to stop or if he wishes to continue, he would have to drink another 2 shots of whiskey before he is given another 5 more minutes. The speaker can choose to go on and on. So far, WhiskeyCon have been very well received by both the audience and the speakers. The record for WhiskeyCon at the moment is 8 shots of whiskey by @osxreverser.

In 2017, we spawn WhiskeyCon to be a Security event by itself. After 5 days of security training, it was 1 whole night of security talks and drinking.

A Brand-New Name

We received much feedbacks from various parties about the name of the event. We have been told that "WhiskeyCon" does not reflect the true content of the event and in fact causes a lot of misunderstanding. Many security enthusiasts were not able to take part as a result of this. As such we have decided to rename the event "SHACK" as in "SgHACK".

A Brand-New Format

We are going to have a new format for SHACK 2019 too. Like WhiskeyCon, there will be 2 components for SHACK 2019, in-depth technical classes (SHACK classes) meant for intermediate and advanced security practitioners, and a security talks session (SHACK session) after the completion of the training classes.

SHACK classes will be held between 24th and 27th of March 2019 and SHACK session will be held in the evening of 27th March 2019.

The SHACK session will have presentations from 2 invited speakers and all the trainers for the SHACK classes. After the presentation, the floor will be opened and anyone will be able to speak as long as they say something about security and they will have to drink 2 shots of whiskey for every 5 minutes they use.

There will be 2 types of participants at SHACK 2019. Students who sign up for any of the SHACK classes will have complimentary access to the SHACK session. Those who do not sign up for the SHACK classes can buy a ticket to attend the SHACK session.

Remember, anyone can speak. You just have to drink.

We hope to see all of you soon.





3 Day Class: 25 - 27 March 2019
4 Day Class: 24 - 27 March 2019


9am to 5pm daily


Pan Pacific Singapore (MAP)
7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square,
Singapore 039595



27 March 2019 (Evening)


Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore (MAP)
9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-01 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596


  • The SHACK class fee includes complimentary access to the SHACK session

  • Registration closes on 6 Mar 2019


Secured Machine Learning Engineering

Dr Liu Yang
Security and Privacy in Blockchain

Dr Sourav Sen Gupta
An Attackers view of Serverless and GraphQL Apps *

Nithin Jois
iOS 12 Zone Cache *

Stefan Esser
Host extensions in Windows kernel *

Bruce Dang
Implementing support for periodic #SMI timers in QEMU *

Alex Tereshkin
Past and Present of Program Diffing *

Joxean Koret
When KTRR Met APRR *

Team Pangu

* Talks by the trainers will take place only if their training materialize during SHACK CLASSES.

STEP 1 : Choose a Course

Course Code Course Title Instructor Days Course Fee
(Prices inclusive of GST)
iOS Sandbox Escape Vulnerabilities and Exploitations Team Pangu 3 S$4173
Attacking and Defending Containerized Apps and Serverless Tech Nithin Jois &
Abhay Bhargav
3 S$4173
Practical Baseband Exploitation Nitay Artenstein &
Anna Dorfman
3 S$4173
SMM Rootkits Training Alex Tereshkin 4 S$5457
iOS 11/12 Kernel Internals For Security Researchers Stefan Esser 4 S$5457
Malware Reverse Engineering Joxean Koret 4 S$5457
Windows Kernel Rootkits: Techniques and Analysis Bruce Dang 4 S$5457
SHACK Session S$321

* SHACK Classes will be conducted if a minimum of 5 students sign up for it.

Please contact info(at)coseinc(dot)com for enquiries

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